Mila was my guest for my next video, maeuntang. She brought some food with her, and we had lunch with maeuntang, some side dishes, and what she brought.

In the front is kong namul (soy bean sprouts) and gaji namul (eggplant). Center is beets, kimchi, and ge jang (crab). Behind that is carrots and maeuntang.

We had a great time, and we were so full. The maeuntang video is almost ready, watch for it soon!


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    My gejang recipe was online now. Gejang (raw crabs marinated in soy sauce mixture):

  2. Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,045 comments

    Labokkie! The noodles are from Ramen noodles! Cook ramen noodles and drain it, then add it to ddukbokkie.
    You can add fish cake, boiled egg..etc.

    Porridge (juk) recipe will be posted later.

  3. Hi. When I was in Korea in 2001 I had a dish called Llabokkie. (Street vendor food) The recipe is the same as Ddukbokkie, but with some kind of noodles and a hard-boiled egg, rather than rice cake. Do you know what kind of noodles would work for this recipe?

    Also, I tried yahche juk. Very simple porridge with vegetables in it (carrots, spinach, mushrooms, etc.) I don’t know how to make juk at all…any suggestions?

    By the way…great web site!

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