The 28th Korean Harvest & Folklore Festival (presented by the Korean Produce Association of New York)

By Maangchi

Many of my readers were interested in this festival, so I contacted the Korean Produce Association in New York. I talked to them on the phone and posted the information about this event on my forum. I went to see some interesting performances on Sunday afternoon.  Here are some photos that I took.

The Performance directed by Choi Sori was really wonderful.
It was a performance of Taekwondo mixed with pounding dynamic drums, classical dancing, and b-boying directed by Choi Sori. The audience was going crazy and my friends said this performance was worth being a Broadway show.
Famous Jeonju bibimbap was served, made by people from Jeonju! They made enough bibimbap for 500 people. The red petals are made with yukhoe (Korean style beef tartare) and all ingredients (about 20 kinds) were displayed on top of white steamed rice.
Adding hot pepper paste…
Time to mix all together! Hard working!

I asked the ladies, “Did you come from Jeonju, Korea for this event?” They answered: “Yes, we did.”

I asked another question: “Do you do this for any other events?” They said: “Yes.”

And one last question: “Did you bring this wooden basin from Korea?” They said:  “No, we didn’t. Some people who organized this festival prepared this for us.”

No more curiosity!  : )
I found out these 2 ladies couldn’t work fast enough to meet the demands of hundreds of people lining up to taste the bibimbap, so I decided to become an on-site volunteer! “Here it is, enjoy bibimbap!”

On my left, Mr. Jang, Gyeong-Un (Korean Tourism Resources Division Chief) from Jeonju, Korea and on my right  Professor Lee, Byung-Ryul from Woosuk University, Korea (currently visiting scholar at Columbia University, New York) . They showed their appreciation for my help: “Don’t forget to leave a bowl of bibimbap for yourself.”

Nice meeting you guys! I met these students who recognized me on the bus on the way back home.

“Uh, are you …YouTube? Mmmangchi?”

“Yep, yep!”

Keep being interested in Korean food, dramas, and cultures! BTW, the 2 girls standing next to me are wearing the same type of hat as I wore last night. What a coincidence!
3 acorns! : )


  1. annabanana Vancouver, Canada joined 2/09 & has 68 comments

    What is it about Jeonju bimbimbap that makes it so famous? Is it always made with beef tartare and more than 20 other sauteed/seasoned vegetables?

  2. LuccaQ Buffalo,NY joined 6/10 & has 30 comments

    Wow I think I am moving to NYC. There are so many great Korean happenings there. Looked like lots of fun.

  3. bo Hawaii joined 7/10 & has 49 comments

    Oh that tub of bibimbap looked soooo “ono!”

    You all look so nice and warm on a cold evening. It’s cold right? Blow some of that could air this way. We’re too hot!!

  4. Esef joined 10/10 & has 2 comments

    Oh My Kimchi! That’s the biggest wooden tub/bucket/ basin I ever seen… you can bath inside! Wished I was there too :-) I totally agreed such cultural performances are the BEST! IT’s better than watching on TV! :-)

  5. kayenrile Philippines joined 7/10 & has 1 comment

    Amazing! that big bowl of bibimbap looks so yummy! and it is very beautiful! and you are really nice for helping them! good job! :)

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