My interview with Voice of America radio

By Maangchi

I was contacted reporter Ms. Bu from Voice of America a while ago, and we did an interview. Yesterday she told me that the interview had aired, and you can find it online here. Here’s the direct link to the audio interview, it might take some time to load. I can tell Ms.Bu’s editing skill is cool and she made a lot of effort to broadcast our interview.

I’m sorry that it’s all in Korean, so only my bilingual readers can understand it. But if you heard any other interview I did, a lot of the questions are similar (where I got the name Maangchi, when I started, etc…).

But we had an interesting discussion about how my videos affected people not only who have something to do with Korean cultures but also who have nothing to do with Korean food at all!

I introduce a message I received from one of my readers, an American lady who has been married a Korean man for decades. One day she found my website accidentally and made “soybean sprout soup” for him. The husband said, “That’s it! It’s exactly the soup my mom used to make for me!” She said, “Maangchi, you saved my life! My husband and I get along with each other better than before, thanks to you!”

The reporter was asking about fans like Reinier, in my hotteok video, who have never been to Korea and have nothing to do with Korea but who are now cooking Korean food on a regular basis at home. You don’t have to have an attachment to Korea to enjoy Korean food!

Yes, sharing recipes is about more than food. It affects many people’s lives! It’s a very rewarding way to spend my time.


  1. osk1104 South korea (in kunsan) joined 4/10 & has 4 comments

    Fantastic!! I am sure you are the best in the world.
    I think you are the special person who likes korean culture.
    I want to be a person like you in the future.
    please, tell me more your story.
    best wish.

  2. soko2usa Minnesota joined 4/09 & has 55 comments

    I clicked the link to listen to the interview – I’d been wanting to hear you speak Korean for awhile now. You sound very motherly! Like you’re telling the interviewer to come over to your house for milk and cookies.


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