Vegan bindaetteok

Today I made a batch of bindaetteok following your recipe. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find kosari, so I had to skip it. I asked at a local Korean restaurant and they told me they actually collect it from the nearby mountains! Hehe. I didn’t have sil gochu either, so I used fresh red chilli pepper for garnishing.
I made them vegan this time by skipping the pork and the egg and using my home made well-ripped vegan kimchi, this way I can keep them in the freezer wrapped individually as you propose and offer them to my vegan friends, thanks for another great recipe!

The recipe for Mung bean pancakes / bindaetteok / 빈대떡 is here!


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    Today i made ur amazing kkwabaegi recipe, and even though i was worried it wouldn’t turn out as fluffy as urs(I used instant yeast instead of active yeast), I was relieved to find it really fluffy , crispy , amd ost importantly….really delicious!

    Thank you for being such a delightful chef who’s recipes are simple and tasty.Im very fortunate to have discovered your channel.

    See full size image

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    It looks fantastic, Sergio!

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