First Time Making Curry Rice

i’m a college student from Indonesia. I lived far away from home for 2 years already. and i always feel lonely when i’m eating food alone. so i start to eating while seeing another person eat. like mukbang, or another food videos. one day, i saw Maangchi’s video in my suggestion, so i start watching Maangchi’s video. i found it very satisfying, and how Maangchi interact with viewers is also bringing me joy. its like i’m eating and talking with someone. i don’t feel lonely again if i eat while seeing Maangchi’s video.

until someday i decided to cook korean food by following Maangchi’s recipe. i choose to make curry rice. because it looks easy and the ingredients are easy to find. i buy it with my boyfriend and then i cooked it at my dorm while all following Maangchi’s recipe. and voila! i made a very delicious curry rice and i’m glad that my boyfriend like it too.

i’m willing to make another food from your recipe. would you like to suggest me anything that easy to make and the ingredients are easy to find? thank you for your video! i will always support you! (sorry for the blurry and ugly image. i post a better one next time)

The recipe for Korean style Curry Rice (Ka-re rice: 카레라이스) is here!

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    Thank you for your nice message here!
    Yes, the curry rice looks like mine! You followed the directions very tightly! I’m sure your Korean cooking will go well!

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