Fluffy White Pillowy Steamed Flower Bread

When I was little, these were my favorite things to eat at the Korean Chinese restaurant. We never got them unless it was a big occasion and ordered a many-course meal. I liked these soft pillowy buns so much because I wouldn’t bite into anything unexpected like dumpling filling or sweet red beans (things I do appreciate now but not much as a kid)- it was simply pure white and sweet inside!

I served them with the buchu Japchae which was so fragrant and delicious. Recipe here: https://www.maangchi.com/recipe/buchu-japchae. But the bread was EVERYTHING to my kids..

Just as expected, my kids LOVED THEM and asked me when I would make them again! Thank you, Maangchi, for your recipe and video so I can make this during our shelter at home.

The recipe for Flower Bread (Kkotppang 꽃빵) and Green Chives, Meat, and Veggies (Buchu Japchae 부추잡채) is here!

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    Wow, nicely rolled fluffy good looking buns and chive japchae with a few more side dishes made a wonderful table setting! I’m glad your children loved them.

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