My Dinner Party

Had great friends over for dinner. I wanted to do an upscale version of a Korean BBQ at home. We BBQ’d kalbi outside, but at the table, I made lots of colourful banchan and set them out with ssam, ssamjang, and roasted garlic cloves. And like the Korean BBQ restaurants, we ended the meal with a bowful of kimchi jiggae

I wanted to show that Korean food is not only delicious, but elegant and beautiful, because we all know that we eat with our eyes first.

My only request to my guests is that bring us a beautiful bottle of wine to pair the meal with. And they did not disappoint me. It was a lovely memorable evening. I was very proud of myself. This was a first for me .
The recipe is here.

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    Amazing! You are such a great cook, Jimin! Thank you for uploading this photo here! I’m sure this photo will inspire many people to throw Korean food feast party.

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