Naengmyeon (cold noodle soup) is my all time favorite! I make it all the time. Even when the weather is chilly, staying in a warm cozy house and eating a huge bowl of cold noodle soup gives me happiness. Chewy noodles, delicious broth, crispy cucumber strips, and the spicy sauce is tangy and delicious!

The recipe for bibim-naengmyeon (cold, spicy, chewy noodles: 비빔냉면) is here!

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  1. soko2usa Minnesota joined 4/09 & has 55 comments

    Yay! I love cold soup in the winter too! I make oinaengguk all the time, no matter the weather. In the winter it makes me feel like I’m outside enjoying the snow and it tends to calm my feelings of restlessness. I also like to make dongchimiguksu with just the broth and the radish and cucmbers as well.

    <3, Kerri

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