I changed the recipe alot :O
Well the basics, I did used onions, but I stir fried the onions with soy sauce, garlic until they looked nice and brown, I like my onions overcooked. Then I cut up some pre-sauteed celery (leftovers) and added it to the onion mix then mixed two cans of tuna with them into a bowl. I added more garlic into the mix, two eggs, some green onions, black pepper, around ¼ tbs of kosher salt and around 3/4 tsp of soy sauce :) I looked for flour, but the it was nowhere to be found so I used Nestum’s quick instant oatmeal flakes(kind of like panko breadcrumbs) as a substitute for flour. Fried them, and they taste really good :D. Thanks Maangchi for the original recipe!
The recipe is here.

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    awesome! It looks very delicious!

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