Double Dragon Food Market

It’s a typical Asian market but it’s the biggest one with more variety in Des Moines, IA.
Prices are decent and the last couple years they have been adding korean ingredients especially sauces.

They used to have so many different kinds of korean ramyun but they stick to the ones that people usually buy like SHIN and the seafood kind.


They don’t really have some of the korean vegetables like perilla leaves or the roots i suggest A & A supermarket or Wang’s.




  1. another_adam Grinnell, IA joined 12/09 & has 6 comments

    They are indeed one of the bigger Asian markets in Des Moines, but have very little Korean stuff. (You can find buchu, at least, but I didn’t see perilla or anything like that). I think I saw one container of gochujang in a fridge case, but that was just about it for Korean items. I think there might even be more Korean stuff in the New Oriental Market downtown (at least I found Korean noodles there, like dangmyun for japchae, which I couldn’t find at Double Dragon). The prices are generally good, but the freshness/quality/cleanliness can really vary, so you have to be alert…

    • sonxx035 Minneapolis, MN joined 3/11 & has 2 comments

      hey adam again ^^. i do agree that THe New Oriental Market has better snacks for korean but Double dragon has started to get more korean ingrediants…since the last time i was there. *i’m there like every other day lol* they do have dangmyun near the vermecilli noodles above next Shin Ramyun. and they have things frozen now a lot of them and basic ingrediants too. they have gochujang and bean paste as well in the soy sauce section. they have a lot of korean marinate as well in that section. i hope that helps =].

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