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  1. Does anybody know the basic korean recipes i should be keeping around my house?

  2. Basic Korean cooking ingredients include:
    1. Sesame Oil
    2. Hot Pepper Powder
    3. Hot Pepper Powder
    4. Dried Anchovies
    5. Garlic
    6. Short-Grain Rice
    7. Soy Sauce
    8. Soy Bean Paste
    9. Sesame Seeds
    10. Tofu
    11. Green Onions
    12. Kimchi

    I think if you have these basic ingredients, you can make almost any dish on Maangchi's site.

  3. Also, dried shii-take mushrooms.
    Very conventient and you can keep them almost forever.

  4. I would also suggest Kelp

  5. Don't forget to buy hot pepper paste (gochujang).

  6. Is there another way to distinguish "short-grain" rice at my local Asian Market? I can't tell the difference between a lot of the selections.

  7. 1. Sesame Oil (cham gereum)
    2. Hot Pepper Powder (gochu garu)
    3. Hot Pepper Paste (gochu jang)
    4. Dried Anchovies (myul chi)
    5. Garlic (ma neul)
    6. Soy Sauce (jo seon gan jang)
    7. Soup Soy Sauce (gook gan jang)
    8. Soy Bean Paste (dwen jang)
    8. Sesame Seeds (crushed and uncrushed) (kke)
    9. Green Onions (pa)

    To be realistic, in my opinion, a lot of the recipes that are posted on Maangchi's site take a lot of time and effort. There are more normative foods that are really basic. I would say the basic recipes would have to be like knowing how to make kimchi, kimchi stew (kimchi jjige), dwenjang jjige's, also all the basic soups like mi yuk guk (seaweed soup), kong namool guk (bean sprout soup), moo gook (radish soup).

  8. Korean recipes are more time-consuming than some cuisines, granted. But I find that Maangchi's recipes lean toward simplicity.

    Laughlady, just ask for rice that Koreans and Japanese eat.

  9. I added new section "The beginner's gude to Korean cooking". Check this out.

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