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“Cucumber Kimchi?”

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  • started 5 years ago by Jenn
  1. I was looking for a recipe for what my korean ex bf used to call cucumber kimchi. It's usually served as a side dish at restaurants. It's not like the stuffed cucumbers that Maangchi has on the website - the cucumbers were sliced into the disks, slightly pickled and had chopped green onions & chili on it. It might be called Oinamul? I am unsure. Anyways if anyone has the recipe for this dish, I'd appreciate it!

  2. Jenn,
    oh, it's oimuchim (오이무침). Sure it's included in the list of my upcoming video recipes. I love it, too!

  3. Oh yay I'm so excited. Will look out for the video once you have a chance to make it. Thanks for sharing all of your recipes with us.

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