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    Hello guys!

    last night I made a big batch of kimchi using Maangchi’s delicious recipe. I didn’t have any sea salt or sugar on hand so I used iodized table salt and splenda. Everything looked great and tasted wonderful, so I thought I was all good.

    Now I read that un-iodized salt(aka sea salt, kosher salt) and sugar are neccessary components for the fermentation process! Is my kimchi ruined? Is there anything I can do?

    I realize that it will be okay for a week or so in my fridge, regardless of whether or not it will ferment properly, so at least I can eat some of it.

    Has anyone else made this mistake? Is there any way I can save it??



    splenda doesn’t ferment. or specifically, it ferments but it will taste really bad. salt is not that important, sugar is.

    no way saving it…



    I always make kimchi with iodized salt, no problem.

    The sugar replacement does seem problematic… how about trying to add sugar? I have no idea…

    Come to think of it: I made my kimchi with Pear juice, but without sugar. Will it ferment because of the natural sugar in pear juice or do I need to add some sugar to it?



    pear juice… sounds interesting… how did it turn out?

    depends on the sugarcontent of the juice and on the amount of kimch you are making. a couple of tablespoons wouldnt be enough i reckon.

    your kimchi will ferment to a certain degree, but it will be kinda bland. it wont get sour and i think it will rot since fermentation is also preservation.

    you could add sugar it. will help of course the fermentation process, but i think it will also sweeten your kimchi.



    I just took two sweet and ripe pears and blended them. I didn’t use porridge.

    The kimchi is kinda watery but that is just my fault and not the pear juices fault I think…



    “I didn’t have any sea salt or sugar on hand so I used iodized table salt and splenda. “

    Splenda is a nasty toxic poison. Check out the link below to educate yourself about this nasty chemical!




    Thank you for your help and suggestions, I appreciate it! :)



    Oh yes, that aspartamus chemical present in diet sugar and drinks, very nocive and cancerogonous would have just ruined a healthy meal that kimchi is. Growing bacteria in kimchi needs to be fed by sugar so that good bacteria can grow in kimchi and improve the fermentation process.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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