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“Difference between the Soy Sauce?”

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  • started 5 years ago by taesoon84
  1. Is there a difference in taste between 국간장 & 진간장?

    my house has 진간장. but there's a recipe i'm reading and it's asking for 국간장. Will it be totally different using 진간장 instead?

  2. Hi Taesoon!

    I'm certainly not an expert in Korean cooking but there is definitely a difference in taste between those soy sauces. Most of the Korean soups use "gook/soup" soy sauce. I think it's less saltier and sweeter than the "gin" soy sauce. What are you trying to make? Yum...I'm imagining what dish you're making and it's making me hungry.

  3. ahhh~ ic. thanks!
    i was looking up recipe for 부대찌개 and it said 1tbsp of 국간장.

  4. taesoon84, mimink!
    I have only jinganjang at home and when I cook Korean soup, I use fish sauce instead of gukganjang. The taste is better than gukganjang for me. : )
    Ginganjang is usually used for side dishes and it's darker and less salty than gukganjang. Gukganjang is usually used for soup.

  5. I have a somewhat follow up question to this.

    I'm wondering if anyone has tried Joseon ganjang (조선간장) before? I understand that it uses purely soy beans during the fermentation process, while Ginganjang uses a combination of soy beans and wheat, but how does the taste compare between the two?

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