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“Fried dumpling”

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  • started 5 years ago by Reinier
  1. And also something for vegetarians: fried dumpling :)

    You need:

    2 shredded spring unions
    5 water chestnuts
    175 grams tofu crumbled
    3 tea spoons of soy sauce
    a stack of wonton wrappers (for deep frying)
    oil for frying

    Chop spring union and water chestnut in a food processor, then add the tofu and soy sauce and mix.
    Place a wonton sheet and fill it with a tea spoon of filling, fold the left over space into you favorite shape (eg. envelope, bomb-shape, pouch, etc.)
    Heat the oil and fry the packages until golden brown.
    Let them rest for a short time on kitchen towel to get rid of excess oil.

    Don't worry about calories, if you use sun flower or arachide oil it's actually not too bad and full of omega oils...

    as long as you don't eat it every day ;)

    Serve with sweet chili sauce and enjoy :)

  2. Ah, just look at that worm out stove.
    A bit off topic, but finally, after 2 years waiting i now have my new squeeky clean kitchen, ready for a look of good cooking :)

    Keep the recipies coming Maangchi!


    1. DSC01885.JPG (38.5 KB, 517 downloads) 5 years old
  3. I love your kitchen as I said through email! It looks perfect to film a cooking show!

  4. Great to film a cooking show???? Yeah! i did!

    Here is my dumpling recipy on video.

  5. Your kitchen looks like something from a design magazine. It's beautiful! That dumpling recipe sounds great too.

  6. wow, easy recipe. Yes, each piece of dumpling looks like a gift wrap. So pretty!

  7. your kitchen looks beautiful!
    love your mixer by the way... where to find, i wonder

  8. Thank you! The mixer is a hand blender mounted on a container with a blade indside, philips brand.

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