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“Gahm Mi Oak (New York City)”

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  • started 4 years ago by Maangchi
  1. Gahm Mi Oak
    43 W. 32nd St.
    NY, NY, USA

    Ok so I didn't write this review, but I was going to! I went to this restaurant recently and enjoyed it. Midtown Lunch has a great review:

    Regular readers of that blog will know that he's a big fan of Korean food, and not just bulgogi - he's a freak for soon dae! Any time a blog recommends blood sausage, well, then you know it's a good blog.


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  2. That is my kind of eatting! Just need some soju!

    I have to check out that blog.

  3. Yeah, it's just depressing I used to get the same thing for under $2 back in Korea... oh well

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