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  1. Hi everybody, I asked a colleague of mine to bring me some gochugaru from Korea and he was kind enough to bring me the pack you see in the picture.
    Can you please help me read the words on the package? On the green strip I read something like "goreoharinmateu" (?) but I am not sure...


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  2. Hi! I think it's the name of the store where he bought it... "Goryeo Discount Mart". :)

  3. Hi Tashateh! Thank you very much for the answer. Sorry it took a long time to reply :-)

  4. After using my gochugaru I put it back in its plastic bag, but after one month I have the impression it has gone bad. Summer is very hot this year and I didn't think I should put it in the fridge, but yesterday when I wanted to use gochugaru to make another doejibulgogi, it didn't look very nice, had a sort of mould on it.
    I took a photo. Could someone tell me if it is ok or if I have to dispose of it?

    Thanks a lot in advance


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  5. I wouldn't use it. I keep my gochuraru (hot pepper flakes) in the freezer.

  6. Thank you for your reply Maangchi!
    Now I understand. Actually flakes were not completely dry so I should have known they needed to stay in freezer.
    Like many Italians keep their coffee in the fridge :-) but this is only to preserve the flavour, coffee doesn't go bad at ambient temperature.
    감사합니다 !
    Andrea (YangnyeomTongdak on youtube)

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