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  1. oksipak,

    Happy belated New Year to you! Right now I am planning to grow similar veggies as last year including baechu, mu (3 varieties) leeks, chili peppers (Thai, Serrano, jalapeno), Thai Basil, pak choi, Swiss Chard, lettuce Collard greens, tomatoes and possibly snow peas. How about you? See pic for what my yard looks like as of today! I will start planting on Memorial Day.



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  2. My garden plans (among other things) this year are soy, mung, purple basil, chinese chives, korean hyssop, oregon II giant sugar snap peas, orange master dwarf pomagranite (indoors for hubs to bonsai), lao purple stripe eggplant, takii gem watermelon, chinese red noodle bean, taiwan black seeded yard long bean, chinese mosaic bean, and thai purple bean. I have a lot more planned too but that's the extent of my asian produce list for this year. It's hard to find seeds that I can get to grow in zone 6A here where I live.

    Love your garden photos Dave! (Sorry I snuck into your thread, not stalking I promise, I just love gardening) lol

    This is also where I buy most of my seeds from as well here in the states as they are all heirloom and Non GMO. They are always fast to ship and have great prices, shipping is totally inexpensive and you always get a free pack of seeds with every order (this year I got a pack of red romaine). Great customer service and they do have a great variety of Asian veggies, fruits and herbs that they sell too.

  3. Hi Elsie!

    For the compliments on my garden...감사합니다! ^^ You are welcome to drop by and comment on any of my posts any time. I enjoy talking to folks with similar interests...especially Korean related things. I love vegetable gardening (been doing it for a number of years now) and my wife does an awesome flower gardens. I look forward to sharing my garden notes & pictures with you and Maangchi's readers and hope to see your garden pics here as well. Then it'll be your post too! ^^

    I think you should try growing Korean Radish (무), Napa Cabbage (배추) and Perilla (깻잎). They grew quite nicely for me in zone 5b and are essential to many of Maangchi's best recipes. I have ordered seeds from the Kitazawa Seed Co and will look at picking some up at my favorite Korean grocer (Chung Gae in Acton MA ).


  4. Thanks Dave :) Actually radish and brassica type veggies don't grow well in my area so hence the lack thereof of them in my garden list. I would if I could get them to grow. Though if hubby does decide to just order in top soil this year I might still try to find a few packs of white radish to grow as they would probably do better in the better soil for my raised containers. I am doing my garden a bit on the unorthodox side this year and likely next, we plan on purchasing raised bed kits so my garden this year is going to be mostly giant tote boxes with holes drilled in them. They're all ready to go, just need the dirt. Hubs isn't relishing the thought of toting dirt from the back of the property all the way up front (3 acres) so he might just order me in good topsoil lol

  5. Hi Maangchi! ^^

    The garden has been planted and I now it is time to wait for the harvest!



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  6. In the middle picture above, I put a handful of organic fertilizer (bone meal, blood meal, greensand) and a handful of composted cow manure/peat moss into the bottom of the hole before I put the plant in. Once all the plants are in I give them a good drink of water!

  7. Ok, sorry I haven't been in in forever! Here's an updated look at the majority of my garden. Ddnorman, you know the history as to the change from all tote bins and pots to the raised beds earlier than expected lol, but here it is. Mostly Asian veg and herbs here. My Wall O' Colorful Bins is growing beautifully and attacking the netting already. My newly landscaped raised bed area is also growing gorgeously and doing great!

    Some pics here of immediately after everything was planted. A few of my hubby's bonsai's too as well.

    Oh and the flag in the middle of the garden is to piss off my racist neighbors :D


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  8. Forgot hubby's bonsai pic lol He has a couple more I forgot to take a photo of too.

    Your garden is looking awesome Dave!


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  9. Thanks winglessangel! Yours is looking great as well! I especially like the 태극기 /Taegeukgi / South Korean flag!

  10. 언녕하세요 Maangchi씨!

    Garden update...In my garden: Korean radish (무), Napa cabbage (배추), Korean pepper (고추), lettuce (쌈), Pak choi, Perilla (깻잎) looking good so far!



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  11. ahhh, so precious stuff! Thank you for showing us this photo! The top left one are Korean radishes? The soil looks very rich! Cheers to your vegetables! : )

  12. Maangchi,

    고맙습니다!!! 😃 네~ 그래요! 그거 무를 이에요! Yes those are radish! I will need to thin them! 😭


  13. Hi Maangchi!

    Here is my latest garden update! I had some trouble with slugs eating my baechu, but I think they are making a comeback! The radishes, peppers, kkatnip, leeks and cucumbers are doing pretty good! I'miss hoping I get enough cucumbers and "passion altieri" (that's what Kitazawa Seed Co. calls them) radishes to make cucumber kimchi and ponytail radish kimchi along with baechu kimchi and kkakdugi!


    PS the last one is a picture of our front yard. My veggie garden is on the right.


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  14. Oh thanks for sharing the photos of your garden! Kimchi and some side dishes made from these vegetables will be extra-special!

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