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“Hand Cut Noodles Dish (Kal Gook Soo?)”

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  • started 5 years ago by rachel
  1. Is there a recipe for this? I think it's called Kal Gook Soo in Korean.


  2. rachel,
    okey dokey! kalgooksoo! I used to make it for my family very often. Sure I will post the recipe someday in the future. Thanks a lot!

  3. Thanks a lot, Maangchi!

  4. Maangchi I would love for you to post a kalgooksoo recipe similar to Korea's myungdong kalgooksoo. I used to go there with my mom all the time before it became very sucessful. Thanks :)

  5. Ahh childhood memories at myungdong's kalgooksoo restaurant

  6. Here you go! Enjoy the recipe!

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