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  1. I've been a fan of Korean food for a long time and became especially attached to it when I lived in Korea (teaching English) in 2000-2001 and again in 2002-2003. I met my husband while teaching in Korea and we were married in 2004. For a long time he was the cook in our house...I even remember a conversation where he told me "Don't worry, I'll make the Korean food and you can just make American food" after a failed attempt at making doenjang chigae or something.

    Over time I started trying different recipes and having more success in the kitchen. When my kids were born, I had a renewed interest in making Korean food, but didn't have so much time so I didn't make much progress. My kids all love Korean food and eat it better than most any other food, so this summer I set out to try and make a bunch of new recipes while I am off work from teaching school.

    I've made several kimchis, lots of namul and am working my way through some main dishes. Everyone is happily eating my food and I am having lots of fun in the kitchen and am having fun deciding what to make next. I think it took my husband completely by surprise that I have started making so many new dishes and he is really happy and thankful. Thanks to this site and some others I've found while shopping around for recipes, I am putting yummy food in everyone's tummies and smiles on their faces...and hopefully teaching us all good eating habits. Yay veggies!

  2. I am new here too. So glad to be here y'all!
    I am a big fan of korean food and so far
    the dishes that I have tasted were bibimbap,
    kimbap, and beef stew..Ooh, I love kimchi too!

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