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  1. My name is Bob, and I have been married to a beautiful woman from South Korea for almost 27 years. I have decided to take up Korean cooking, since my wife Yang works outside of the home, and doesn't make some of my favorite dishes.

    I would like to know how to make Spicy Chicken and vegetables. Each time I have tried to make Korean food, I never can get the seasoning or spices just right. I never seem to have enough juices left over when I cook anything. The consistency of my sauces are always too watery..

    I will be trying to make my own mandu in a couple of weeks when I return from my business trip.. Please continue posting your videos... They are easy to follow and understand!!

    I look forward to seeing your spicy chicken recipe...

    Thank you for all of your tips and recipes... I'm hoping to surprise my wife to the point where she thinks I bought the food from the local Korean restaurant..


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