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  1. I found Maangchi's youtube channel randomly one day. I was hooked instantly. My mother is Korean, so it was great to find such a comprehensive Korean recipe channel! I don't cook Korean food very often, but it's still comfort food for me. Thanks, Maangchi!

    Here's are some dinner shots from last week of kimbap and dubu buchim yangnyumjang.

    p.s.-- I used to play WoW, so it was awesome to hear that Maangchi did, too!


    1. kimbap-dubu2.jpg (248.6 KB, 264 downloads) 1 year old
    2. kimbap-dubu1.jpg (388 KB, 249 downloads) 1 year old
  2. I used to play COH (City Of Heroes)! : )
    The presentation is awesome! Round kimbap, rectangular tofu, and kimchi in the center. It reminds me of Picasso! Good luck with your Korean cooking....

  3. welcome and really nice dish!!!!

    click here
    view here

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