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“Hot Pepper Paste Vs Hot Pepper Flakes”

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  • started 4 years ago by lsa
  1. Hi Maangchi,

    Many of your recipes used hot pepper flakes but i cannot find them in denmark. Can i substitute with hot pepper paste instead? will it taste the same?

    your advice very much appreciated!

    thanks very much for your recipes!

  2. It depends on what you make.
    For example,you can use hot pepper paste instead of hot pepper flakes to mix oijangajji (cucumber pickles).
    But if you like to make kimchi, you need to use hot pepper flakes. Hot pepper paste has its own strong flavor.
    Did you try some of the advice in this thread for shopping in Denmark?

  3. Thanks for explaining! I will find another way to get my hands on red pepper flakes.
    And keep posting those delicious looking food on ur website,it makes me very happy just looking at them!

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