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“Howdy from the "Lone Star State"!”

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  • started 3 years ago by EastMeetsWest
  1. Just wanted to stop by to say, "howdy"! I was looking for excellent Korean food recipes & found Emily on YouTube.

    Hey, my name is Jeffry Summer. Please call me "Jeff"! I am half South Korean from my mother's side & Lithuanian/German on my father's side. Born & raised Texan I have been raised on kimchi & Texas chili!

    While growing up, everyone in my immediate family can cook! However, my mother was very protective of her recipes & I believe to know why.

    She was a very crafty sweet woman and if she shared her recipes. Then, probably thought I wouldn't visit or need her! That's CRAZY... Right?!?

    Anyways, NOT only did I find Maangchi's recipes delicious! She had a bubbly personality, easy to follow, and wonderfully demonstrates cooking techniques! Of course, anyone reading this know that already and she has brought you all here...

    Peacefully Stay,
    -Jeff from Big "D"

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