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“I'm BACK!”

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  • started 5 years ago by keigh07
  1. Maangchi,, I miss Korean Foods so much!! waaahhh!!! now I can definitely cook and eat a bunch of those!! Paris is so beautiful better if I had to eat some Korean Foods aside from my bf's Ramyun!!

    My bf and I went to Paris for my photo shoot and ramp modeling,, we stayed there for about 4-5 months,, really exhausting,, no Korean Restaurants which made us CRAVE!!!!! Now we'll cook something from your recipes,, and eat like there's no tomorrow..=)

    Where's my Pat Bing Soo???=( Still no post for that??=( Anyway, I understand,, you have lots of requests..=p

    Just post something here to let you know that I MISS YOUR RECIPES MAANGCHI!!!!!!!


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