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“Konglish ad for bibimbap in the New York Times”

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  • started 4 years ago by Maangchi
  1. There was a full-page ad for bibimbap in the New York Times yesterday.

    There's no credit given for the ad, but it has a list of restaurant phone numbers at the bottom.

    The strange thing is, it's full of grammar errors and malapropisms. Of course everyone makes mistakes, but this is obviously written by a Korean. And seeing how an ad like this probably cost $250,000 you would think they would have a native English speaker give it a cursory glance.

    Also, why didn't they mention Madangsui, which just got a great review recently?


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  2. Ok I should have checked Google:

    Looks like this was paid for by a Korean reality show, and developed by a Korean "publicity specialist" because they "realized how little New Yorkers knew about Korea and Korean food," despite the fact that a couple weeks before, Madangsui got a stellar review in the same paper.

    Here's the reality show guys here, in New York

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