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    I stumbled across this neat little blog today; some of you might find it interesting:


    She’s an “American-born first generation Korean” woman trying to learn how to cook Korean food. As she says in her introduction:

    “I have spent my entire adult life skipping around the food service industry, learning how to cook just about everything but korean food. I’m not sure what sparked the sudden interest in learning to cook Korean. Growing up, I HATED anything my mom would try to feed me, instead reaching for boxed mac and cheese and frozen chicken nuggets. But, as I have moved further away from home, I find myself with these…cravings. Maybe it’s nostalgia. Maybe it’s something even deeper – like a need to discover my identity through food blah blah blah.”

    Actually the “blah blah blah” is the most interesting part! She’s a hipster, for sure, but learning how to make Korean food from her mom:

    So like I said before, I went home last weekend to help my mom make a huge batch of kimchi (about 3 months worth). I figured, it’s about time I learned how to make this. To me, it felt like a right of passage. To my mom, I was a welcome extra pair of hands (no but really, at one point she was getting a little teary eyed about the whole thing. Mostly b/c I’ve always rambled on about cooking, but never about Korean food, much less Korean food that she knows how to make well).



    Fun! Thanks!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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