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    I know these are used typically when you don’t need to cook anything for a very long time. My problem is that I haven’t been able to find one. We have a Hong Kong Market here, but they do not carry the pots. So I asked the Manager, if she could by chance order some for me to purchased and she replied that they were hard to come by. I went to KoaMart.com and they said that they were out of stock. It’s been more than a month now. Can anyone tell me were I can find this type of pot. I would like the ones they have here on the website! And can someone please tell me where I can purchase some abalone; when I made the porridge the last time I had to substitute salmon the first time and shrimp the second time. Eventhough we here in the South are priviledged to have an abundance of fresh seafood, that is fish and crustations from the Gulf, abalone is not one of the things we have. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.



    Do you want your abalone live? Willing to pay an arm and a leg for shipping? http://www.prawnco.com/retail_products.asp?cat=17&subcat=61

    I saw some live in Dallas Komart on Royal a few weeks ago. If your willing to drive a few hours I am sure that I can tell you where to buy them. But I would need to have an idea of where your at.



    Al right your in NO I live in north LA just outside Monroe. You should be able to find frozen abalone in the area.

    Metairie used to have (pre K) a Korean market on Transcontinental Drive. I don’t know if it is still there.

    From Chowhound

    “The Asian market on Williams in Kenner mentioned by others is mostly Japanese. For more Chinese/Thai/Vietnamese products, you can either go to east NO as suggested by others, or across the Crescent City Connection (the big twin bridge) over the Mississippi to the West Bank, and get off on Stumpf. (You can get on the bridge easily by following Tchoupitoulas along the river and you will see a long up-ramp that takes you onto the bridge.) Follow the frontage road west and look to your right — in a strip mall with a bowling alley, you will see Pho Tau Bay, a popular Vietnamese restaurant. Next to it is a small, but fairly well stocked, grocery. If you continue along the frontage road you will go through a tunnel and past Manhattan, after which you will find the other Vietnamese grocery mentioned below in the Four Columns strip mall on the right, and it’s a little bigger and has more produce.

    Our favorite Vietmanese restaurant in the NO area is Tan Dinh, on Lafayette across from the Piggly Wiggly just before Lafayette turns into Belle Chasse Highway. There is a Lafayette exit off the West Bank Expressway. It is tiny but really good and has a huge menu. Try the crispy rice cakes with lemon grass chicken, for example. They make a very good chicken stock-based pho, too.

    The one mentioned by another poster that carries Indian products is called the International Grocery (or International Market or something of the sort) and you can find the address in the phone book.”



    Looks like it is still there.

    Oriental Market(504) 457-4567

    3324 Transcontinental Dr

    Metairie, LA 70006



    Do you mean these kinds of pots?

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    Yes, these are the ones I’ve been looking for. Can’t find them, as mentioned above. Let me know if there is a market that sells them, so I can either order online or phone to have them shipped to me. The Hong Kong Market, doesn’t carry them. They do carry cookware “pots” but not the thin ones needed to cook quick Korean meals. Thanks in advance.



    To: Powerplantop

    Thank you for the information of the Oriental Market on Transcontinental…checked with them, but they don’t carry abalone, in fact..he didn’t even know what it was. 8-( Oh well, back to the drawing board. I found some online it will ship from California…expensive S&H, and they only carried steaks (sliced very thin)..don’t think I could handle cleaning it without some instructions. I will find a vendor somewhere, I’m on a mission!



    Peachez, Do you go or know someone who goes to Houston, Dallas or Atlanta? H-mart carries frozen http://www.hmart.com/company_new/shop_main.asp

    Its funny that he did not know what 전복 was.

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