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    Hello everyone!

    My name is Poli, I’m a male alto studying in a conservatory here in Manila, Philippines. My main interests are classical music and history, but lately, I seem to be mutating into a Korean cook, hahahaha…

    Growing up, my only exposure to Korean food had been this “Kimchi” fastfood outlet usually found in the food courts of most departments stores. Filipinos, especially Manileños, would know instantly what I’m referring to. This is where I first got to taste barbecue, kalbi jim, kimchi and japchae.

    It was only last year when a friend of mine took me to a Korean restaurant in Makati, a posh district of Manila, that my eyes and mouth were really opened to the wonders of Korean food! What convinced me was the taste of a samgyupsal parcel bursting in my mouth into a fantastic blend of flavours.

    As addicted as I was to “Jewel in the Palace”, I only got hooked on Korean cooking myself just last month, when I prowled online for homemade kimchi recipes, in order for me to be able to cook kimchi chigae cheaply, hahahahaha!! It all just snowballed from there, and now, I try out almost one recipe a day from Maangchi.

    Photos of my attempts are up in my Facebook account: Poli Laurito. Comments are more than welcome!

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