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    Gordon Ramsey has a new show for amateur cooks. The first one to be invited was Michel his dish was Duck Ssam using store bought Ssamjang. Looks like the flavors of Korea will be getting more exposure on American TV.



    I watched it and thought the same thing. Ok how long before Korean fast food like “Kogi Bell” “Jjigae King”…. Mc Banchan

    ok ill stop

    Powerplantop you home (USA) safe sound ?



    I leave for home in a few days.



    powerplantop, oh, you are coming back home soon!

    dleehall,you must be a very creative person! “”Kogi Bell” “Jjigae King”…. Mc Banchan…” : )


    I saw that episode of MasterChef, as well. I was definitely excited to see that the first person chosen made a Korean dish! I love to see Korean fast food restaurants in the US.


    Season 2 also has a Korean. She got in making Bibimbab. I think she has more skills that the guy from last year.


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    Australian Masterchef (Season 3 Episode 43) had a mystery box which was Korean ingredients – it aired last night I believe. I haven’t watched it yet to see what they come up with but when they were asked who had cooked with Korean ingredients before, only one contestant put up his hand.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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