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  1. Here's my other parts of the Asian garden for this summer...


    1. 2011_Asian_Garden_(9).JPG (2393.2 KB, 357 downloads) 3 years old
    2. 2011_Asian_Garden_(5).JPG (2182.9 KB, 364 downloads) 3 years old
  2. Sunday, June 5, 2011: Ok, broke down and craved kimchi so tried making the Emergency Kimchi today.

    I think the Perilla Leaves are coming up along with the Mugwort, but can't be sure until another week of sun, I hope. :)


    1. Emergency_Kimchi.JPG (2286.2 KB, 370 downloads) 3 years old
  3. Your plants and emergency kimchi look great. I have never heard of rat radish, so I had to look it up. I'm pretty sure I've never had it, so I would like to hear how you prepare and eat it. And edible mums! That garden is going to bring you a lot of joy this summer.

    My summer vacation is off to a great start. I finished teaching on Friday and went to an art exhibit and the zoo with the fam on Sunday. It's going to be a busy summer, but I think a lot of fun. The weather is fantastic here right now too, so that helps (after a horrible spring, we deserve it!)
    Have you ever seen Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution? I hadn't even heard of it until recently, but I've watched some episodes on hulu now and I'm hooked. Watching that show makes me even more determined than ever to keep cooking Korean food. I've been thinking a lot about the kinds of cafeteria meals I ate in Korea when I worked in a middle school(delicious and healthy for the most part) versus what is served here (unhealthy, expensive and often disgusting). I've also been thinking about what kind of environment my daughters will be entering in about a year when they start school. We have a new school garden at the h.s. where I work and I think that I should volunteer and grow some veggies there in the fall (at least I could plant some lettuce and spinach) and then do another Korean cooking class.

    As for recent items on our menu...we have been up to our ears in cucumber dishes! I still am on the hunt for a oi muchim recipe that comes out tasting as good as my Mother-in-law's. We have been having oi naengguk a lot. And just eating cucumbers and bell peppers with dwayn jang. Yum!

    My husband make chicken porridge 닭죽 that was delicious too. And I have made several attempts at getting my kimchi jeon and haemul jeon to turn out crispy and delicious--and in one piece. Right now I am blaming it on my horrible (previously non-stick) pan. I think I give up until my husband gives me the go ahead to get a new pan.

    Hope that you and your garden are enjoying great weather and everything is well with you and yours.


  4. Weekending 6/19/11: Yesterday I made cod pancake recipe (daegujeon). Now we're getting from our friends fresh Cod and fresh King Salmon so we decided to buy a Pressure Cooker (Canner). It's Saturday 6/18/11 and we just got done canning (jarring) our first batch of fresh King Salmon-broth veggie soup. Neither of us have ever canned before but to our amazement it was quite fun and easy & we had 100% success rate.

    What I want to know is if canning Kimchi is allowed? We're concerned about the fermentation part and whether that would affect the canning process? We're still researching...and all the different ways to can Korean dishes such as the radishes and fresh veggies from this summer's bounty (ok, I'm counting the eggs before they hatch). :)

    Jamie Oliver's show is fantastic, saw it couple of times and he's doing wonders for the health of the next generation of children. Teaching good eating habits, growing a community garden, learning where food comes from, getting back to healthy basics, truly saves time, expenses, medical bills, etc. The children will be better for it when they become adults.



    1. Korean_Rat_Radish_A_Month_Old.JPG (2319.7 KB, 342 downloads) 3 years old
    2. Burdock_A_Month_Old.JPG (2314.1 KB, 353 downloads) 3 years old
  5. Cont...

    Spinach and lettuce contribution sound great for your fall crop! I haven't tried Chicken Porridge but I'm glad to know you guys enjoyed it which makes me want to try it now. Hmmm, wonder if that can be canned? So my husband's work is also preparing the soil for a community garden. The only requirement though is that all seeds must be heirloom seeds and organic. So the home garden (organic also but not heirloom) will be mine, and his will be the heirloom-organic community garden. We're going to compare the two types of garden veggies.

    Non-stick pans just don't last long like they should no matter how much care you put into it (at least for us). Have a great summer... :)


    1. Asian_Garden_After_Over_A_Month_Old_06.jpg (2308.8 KB, 337 downloads) 3 years old
    2. Mums_A_Month_Old.JPG (2339.8 KB, 345 downloads) 3 years old
  6. The thing that gets me about non-stick pans is that they say they will last much longer than is actually the case. The last one I bought said 25 years if used properly. Ha! Does that mean they use it just once a year?

    I wonder about canning kimchi too. I like kimchi best when it is first made. It is tempting to try and can it to see if you can preserve that taste longer. I wonder if it would effect the good bacteria that grows as it ferments though. Have you seen the previews for the PBS show "Kimchi Chronicles"? In one of the previews they show a dish made with 4 year old kimchi. I think the family I lived with in Korea had some that old. I remember them giving me fresh kimchi and old kimchi to taste test and I couldn't believe how sour it got. At the time, I didn't like the flavor, but I think I would now. I remember opening up their kimchi refrigerator once out of curiosity to see how much was in it. It took about 20 minutes for the smell to clear out of the room!

    All of your canning and gardening sounds so great. I would love to have a garden and can. My parents will have a garden, so I will get some fresh produce from them. My dad's parents were always big gardeners and my grandma canned up until about 2 or 3 years ago, so I have enjoyed many wonderful home grown, home canned foods in my life. I would love to carry on that tradition once we live in a place where we can have a garden. My mouth is watering thinking about the heirloom tomatoes that your community garden will have. And the salmon soup and Cod. I love cod!

    I have been cooking a lot this week--first of my summer vacation. I made bibimbap (so I made lots of extra portions of side dishes) and them we made kimbap today for a picnic (samgak kimbap and regular kimbap). I also made pat for pat bing su. I made my own vanilla extract back in March and the pat tastes so good with it. I think it made the best pat bing su I've ever had.

    To think that only a few years ago I really thought I would never be much of a cook and had almost no interest in learning. And now I find so much fulfillment in preparing my own food and teaching my kids about food. We used to have a container garden on our patio and I look forward to when we can do that again (without the kids digging everything up). The last few days we have been spending a lot of time at the mulberry tree at the park within walking distance of our house and the kids just gobble the berries up. They are the same when we go to the apple orchard. I think that having a hand in growing and harvesting the food makes it more appetizing and more fun. It's great to see that more people are getting back to that.

    Have a great week and happy growing and canning!

  7. I just re-read all of our posts from the beginning to now. We have really made a lot of food these past 5-6 months. And I have to say, the conversation is quite fascinating even the second time around. :)

  8. June 14, 2011, Friday: Made Easy Kimchi today after work...for some reason it took couple weeks to round up all the kimchi ingredients.

    Thanks for introducing me to the Kimchi Chronicles. Loved it. I subscribed to it on YouTube. I don't really long to visit my birth country but watching the Kimchi Chronicles may change my mind.

    Mulberry tree? Don't ever recall tasting Mulberries. We have tons of wild Huckleberries in our area, in the woods during our hikes the trails are lined with Huckleberries. We also have Salmonberries, Thimbleberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, and Blackberries. We have yet to take the time to seriously collect, but after buying the Pressure Canner couple weeks ago, it made us think about picking berries this year and maybe can them (Hot Water Bath Canning of course).

    The summer coastal fog is rolling in which doesn't help the vegetable garden, but I got my fingers crossed something comes to fruition this year. I love vanilla extract...we use it in our homemade whipped cream which ends up in our morning espresso coffee. I think it's exciting you make your own vanilla extract.

    Take it easy...

  9. Made this today, June 26, 2011, Sunday. :)


    1. Japchae_0744.JPG (2992.9 KB, 344 downloads) 3 years old
  10. Weekending 7/3/11: It's Saturday 7/2/11 and the only thing I can show for this week is my Korean Rat Radish harvest...

    Pretty cool radishes! I have more to harvest in a few days, planted some more replacement seeds, and also I have the other daikon radish type which will probably ready in 3 weeks as they are nice and fat too. The Edible Mums will be ready around the same time. It's so exciting! I'll take photos of that harvest.

    What have you been up to this summer so far? We've been on vacation this week and sure enjoying the outdoors (we pretty much hike and camp or spend our weekends in the wilderness as much as we can no matter what rain, snow, sleet, hail, wind, thunderstorm or shine.

    My husband also designed my new Avatar. :)


    1. 2011_Jun_29_Vegetable_Garden_2011_Harv.jpg (3011.3 KB, 340 downloads) 3 years old
    2. 2011_Jun_29_Vegetable_Garden_2011_Harv.jpg (3023.2 KB, 364 downloads) 3 years old
  11. Didn't post for last week so I'm catching up and posting today, Monday, July 19, 2011:

    It's Asian Garden harvest time, been mostly sunny, then a touch of rain fell over the weekend so the garden was loving it! My Edible Mums were aching to be cooked so here is the garden photo and what I made from it. Made the Mandu yesterday and the soup today for lunch and it was so good, I made it for dinner too.

    Hope Maangchi sees my recipe (it's in the Asian Garden Post) so she can name it in Korean of which I would be very honored.

    The Burdock is doing fantastic though some bugs love chomping on its huge leaves, Mugwort is growing nicely, Snow Peas are bearing tender pods, Bush Beans have little beans growing, Chinese Leeks are slow to grow but it's 3" high, so overall, this season isn't too bad. :)


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    3. DSC00085.JPG (2029.4 KB, 353 downloads) 3 years old
  12. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been working like a madwoman trying to organize my house during summer vacation and have been out and about trying to get the most out of summer with my family. I haven't had so much time for cooking, but I've made some of the usual: oi naengguk, emergency kimchi, nabak kimchi (water kimchi)... The kids have been loving chamchi jeon too. I've memorized several recipes on this site because I cook them so much, but I need to try some new things too. Seeing your edible chrysanthemums in your mandu guk reminds me that I want to try making mandu. Right now, I'm really trying to lose some weight though, so it will have to wait a bit. My 35th birthday is coming up in October and I want to give myself the present of dropping a couple of clothing sizes and give my family the present of a healthier & happier mom and wife. Luckily, I have access too all kinds of healthy food already because Korean food has so many great options. I am thinking about switching to brown rice though... I mentioned that to my husband and he said, "but brown rice isn't delicious". Guess I'll just cook up a big pot for myself and keep it in the fridge.

    Do you know, I lost 35 pounds living in Korea and eating almost all Korean food. (I was also doing taekwondo 4 times a week). This was back in 2001. After 3 kids and living the American lifestyle I am back at the weight I was when I first went to Korea, so I think I need to go back on my all Korean diet :)

    What is your plan for your mugwort? I know people put it in soups with fish quite often and it is powdered to use in dduk. I bought it at the grocery store once by mistake (I thought it was minari--Korean watercress) and didn't quite know what to do with it. Your rat radish looks great. Are you going to make ponytail/chonggak kimchi with it? The chapchae looks fantastic too. Just looking at the picture makes me feel like I can smell and taste it!

  13. Weekending 7/24/11:

    Glad you're back Kristi! Thought I had lost your virtual friendship. But apparently you're just busy with life in general, hehe. Hope you got your summer cleaning done and having a grand time with your family. Quality time and spending time with family is the most important thing in life.

    It's Friday, July 22, 2011, and I've been busy trying to cook Korean Food with this summer's Asian garden harvest. Yep, made ponytail/chonggak kimchi and here it is...Also made Zuke Pancake for dinner last night and boy was it delicious! That flower is Mum Flower and edible, yep, it's been consumed too. :D

    Speaking of dieting, you heard that South Korea won the bid for 2018 Winter Olympics? It will be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea. So maybe it will be a good excuse for you to visit Korea to help lose the weight you want? ;) Hope you obtain your birthday wish. To visit Korea for the first time would be fantastic (for me, of course). How many times have you been to Korea? At least you speak Korean. I don't...guess it's time to start, huh?

    Summer is almost over so have fun... :)


    1. 2011_Jul_21_Squash_Pancakes_Maagnchi_R.jpg (2125.8 KB, 341 downloads) 3 years old
    2. 2011_Jul_22_Fresh_Whole_Radish_Kimchee.jpg (2292.4 KB, 334 downloads) 3 years old
  14. Yum Yum! Your chonggak kimchi and hobak jeon look fantastic! I've never eaten a flower and I really want to reach into the screen and eat that beautiful mum.

    I did hear that Korea won the bid for Olympics, but I hadn't really looked into it, so I just assumed it was the summer Olympics and had no idea what city it would be in. I should know this--shame on me! I would love to be at the Olympics in 2018. I think we will be in Korea next year one way or another. My husband graduates from law school in Dec. and takes the Bar in Feb. and we will move in June. Top choices now are New York/New Jersey area or Seoul. It will be hard to leave my job here, because it is stable and pays well, but I am excited for him.

    Well, the good news is that I am down 13 pounds/6 kilos. I haven't gotten on an all Korean diet yet, but I am eating a lot of Korean food.

    We had a dinner party a week ago Saturday and hubby and I made tons of Korean food. I took a picture of the spread, which I will post here later. I made: mak kimchi, perilla leaf kimchi, kkakdugi, spinach namul, soybean sprout namul, the potato side dish (kamja jorim), and shikhye (rice punch). Hubby made a mushroom side dish, kimbap, and doenjang guk (soybean paste soup). The food went over very well and impressed both American and Korean guests alike. We also had homemade pat bing su that day, but I didn't make enough to share with guests, so dessert was store-bought apple pie. The apple pie and marinated chicken and pork were the only things that weren't Korean. It was a Korean cooking fest and we just finished the last of the leftovers!

    I am trying to spread my love of Korean food. This is the 2nd time I've cooked Korean for friends this summer. Not surprisingly, everyone loves it. Speaking of spreading the word about Korean food...I just checked to see if kimchi chronicles will come to the PBS station in my area, and sadly it won't. I guess I will have to wait for the DVD arrival in December. Or hope that someone will upload it to youtube, but of course that would be illegal.

    And now I am madly working on curriculum and grad coursework to get ready for school to start after labor day. I was chastised by one of my co-workers for not having much done so far, so I guess I'd better get back to it.


  15. Weekending 8/21/11: Friday 8/19/11...Wow Kristi, if you move to NY, you'll be Maangchi-Land. :) But if you're in Korea, well, you'll have all that Korea has to offer. I wish you the best in your choices and pre-congrats to your husband. As for you, your co-workers seem to support you if they are chastising you...that only means they care about you and your future goals. :D

    Yea, we don't get Kimchi Chronicles either. But that's ok, we're making our Kimchi Chronicles in our home by just making it every time we run out. ;) Your husband must be a fine cook to be cooking for the visiting guests. It's really nice to know guys can cook, just like my honey (well, he doesn't cook Korean but he does cook anything 80% of the time and he's great at it).

    So here is my garden that's doing great this year (think it's the rabbit turd that I added this year). The only disappointment for this year's garden was that my Perilla plant never came up. I will try again next year.

    Made Roasted Soybean Powder Injeolmi one day, ran out, then the next day made Mugwort Injeolmi and ran out of that too because they were so good! Shared them with my co-workers too. Edible Mums love our area so I have LOTS of them growing. Made Ssukgat Namul and it was excellent especially topped over tofu. It's probably great with rice too. Haven't done anything with my garden fresh Mugwort yet but I will once all the ingredients are available for one of Maangchi's recipes.

    Summer is almost over. Take care. :)


    1. 2011_Aug_18_Mugwort_Injeolmi_Maangchi_.jpg (2219.8 KB, 314 downloads) 3 years old
    2. 2011_Aug_18_Mugwort.JPG (2295.4 KB, 340 downloads) 3 years old
  16. ...continued from previous of my Asian Garden...Edible Mums doing fantastic...Edible Mum Ssukgat Namul...essentially the BEFORE and AFTER photos. Yum! :)


    1. 2011_Aug_18_Edible_Mum_Recipe.JPG (2291.9 KB, 378 downloads) 3 years old
    2. 2011_Aug_18_Flowers_on_Edible_Mums.JPG (2242.8 KB, 374 downloads) 3 years old
  17. oh my god! My mouth is watery now! "Before and after" all look great! : )

  18. Weekending 9/4/11: It's Friday, 9/2/11 and for dinner I made Spicy fish soup Maeuntang 매운탕 with freshly caught Pacific Ocean Kelp Greenling (aka: Sea Trout, "poor man's lobster"). My husband went fishing today and brought home the lovely fish. From the garden came the fresh radish and Edible Mums, used spicy-type of leaf lettuce (taste like radish) since my Minari has yet to grow. The soup was delicious!

    The Edible Mum photo is from 8/18/11 shot but I picked a fresh harvest for the soup recipe. The mums just grow fast and furious in our area. :)


    1. 2011_Aug_18_Edible_Mum_Harvest.JPG (2157.8 KB, 409 downloads) 3 years old
    2. 2011_Sep_02_Spicy_fish_soup_1115.JPG (2287.2 KB, 383 downloads) 3 years old
  19. I love mae-un tang. I've been jones-ing for it since we had it in Chicago back in the winter. I need to get on it and make some already! I did make the mackerel/radish side dish that maangchi just posted and it is awesome. That has always been one of my husband's faves and mine too. So good! We all gobbled it up, even the kids. We rarely hear that something is too spicy anymore--and even Haneul who used to complain that kimchi was too spicy, eats kimchi without complaint now. We've indoctrinated the children well. ;)

    Love that you used rabbit turds for the garden. Do you have a rabbit or several? Natural fertilizer is best. And all that organic produce! I am so jealous. Has your minari come up yet? I need to get my husband to write out his minari recipe. It is delicious. He makes it with squid and red pepper paste among other things and it is served cold. It is delicious. Minari is also good with nabak kimchi (water kimchi). I know that people use it in soup that has fish too. I'm really sad for you that your perilla leaves didn't make it this year. Our local grocer has been selling perilla leaves that they grow themselves. It's $2 for a pack of about 40 leaves and they are organic (yu-gi nong). Whenever I see produce labeled that way at our Korean market, I know that means that they grew it in their back yard. :)

    I made kimchi today and shared it with our Korean friends. They have a 6 year old, 19 month old and 2 month old. Obviously the mom has very little time to make food, let alone kimchi, so they were happy to receive it. They brought us pat jook (red bean porridge) that the husband had made. They are really lovely people. I'm really glad to have met them---the husband is the same age as my hubby and they have become fast friends. I had the soybean sprout side dish, spinach side dish and perilla leaf kimchi on hand, along with the mak kimchi and mackerel side dish, so it made for a tasty meal. I'm sure my husband would say that we needed some soup to make a complete meal, but nothing was lacking for me. I've been serving all the side dishes with brown rice and it has gone over well with the kids. The girls say they like it better because it is chewy. I don't think my husband will ever prefer it, but he will eat it.

    Still living more healthfully and have lost 15 pounds since mid July. I'm jogging now too and am aiming to run a 5K race in October. I have fantasies of my husband and children at the finish line smiling and yelling "Yay Mommy!" The race will be in an apple orchard, so it should be fun and hopefully not hilly.

    Summer is over. Michigan apples are already in the stores and I hope to go to an orchard and pick some fresh tomorrow. In Michigan we love to have apple cider and donuts together.

    What are your favorite fall foods? I love anything pumpkin. I really love hobak jook (pumpkin porridge) and I have some butternut squash that would love me to make it into hobak jook tomorrow or Monday. We are supposed to have 65 degree temps on Monday, so I think it would be a great Memorial Day treat.

    Enjoy your 3 day weekend!

  20. Hi oksipak. Hope all is well with you! Are you still harvesting veggies from your own garden? My latest adventure is making my own soymilk and tofu. I received a soymilk maker for my birthday. Today I made black bean and black sesame seed soymilk that tastes great. I still haven't perfected the flavor of regular soybean soymilk--I think many people add malt to make it taste more like commercial brands, so that is my next idea. My husband says the tofu is much better than commercially produced tofu. The tofu takes so much soymilk to make though, so I'm not sure I'll make it as often.

    Hope all is well with you and you are relaxing and eating yummy food this fall weekend! I completed my first 5K in 10 years last weekend. It felt great!

  21. You guys are really serious cooks! Great!
    I hope you can share your homemade tofu recipe with us!

  22. Hello Mokpochica, hope you recouped from the 5K, bet you are in great shape now. I've gone the opposite, gained 10lbs not because of Korean food. I've been trying other ethnic recipes and having fun. :D Wow, making your own Tofu. What a feat! I LOVE TOFU! I can eat the entire 16oz in one sitting! Way jealous! Homemade Tofu must be a true treat for your husband.

    Made Mandu and Bulgogi for my honey for his birthday dinner this week. The photo is a collage of the Mandu stages. Also tried a recipe from scratch of Chocolate Ganache, put some fresh Raspberries and one candle. Yum...

    One of my New Year's Resolution has been fulfilled for 2011 due to Maangchi's Korean cooking videos. Now I can make Korean food without hesitation (our main favorites: Mandu, Kimchi, Japchae, Bulgogi and among others) and there's so much more to try still.

    It's 42 degrees and very sunny these days. No rain in sight. Catch you later...P.S. Fall food favorites: Spaghetti, Chili over Macaroni and Cheese, lots of soup (mainly Cabbage and Soybean Paste of Maangchi's). Anything heat hot and hot pepper stuff. :)


    1. 2011_Dec_09_Korean_Birthday_1308.JPG (2197.2 KB, 322 downloads) 2 years old
    2. Mandu_Stages.jpg (752.9 KB, 314 downloads) 2 years old
  23. Hi Oksipak and Mokpochica,
    “One of my New Year's Resolution has been fulfilled for 2011 due to Maangchi's Korean cooking videos.“
    You won’t believe how much I’m impressed by this. Now you can make Korean food without hesitation. This is great news and makes me very happy. I’m sure everybody who has been reading your Korean cooking experience was so excited about your completed mission. All I can say is: “congratulations to you!”

    Re: Mokpochica,
    “I completed my first 5K in 10 years last weekend. It felt great!”
    You make me feel great, too!

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  25. Weekending December 16, 2011: It's Friday and tonight I made a batch of Spicy fermented cabbage and spicy fermented radish / 김치, 깍두기. Also during the week Rolled omelette (Gyeran malyee: 계란 말이) was on the breakfast menu. Only 2 more weeks until the New Year 2012! Where did the time go?

    Thanks for the Congrats Maangchi. :)


    1. 2011_Dec_16_Kimchi_Maangchi_Recipe_Hot.jpg (2265.6 KB, 320 downloads) 2 years old
    2. 2011_Dec_16_Kimchi_Maangchi_Recipe_Hot.jpg (2171.6 KB, 316 downloads) 2 years old
  26. Merry Christmas Maangchi and Mokpochica and all who are Friends of Maangchi. :) Yesterday I had some kimchi for a snack, then for Christmas I had some more kimchi for snack. Tomorrow I have to go shopping and buy cabbage and radishes to make more kimchi! :P


    1. Merry_Christmas.gif (48.4 KB, 281 downloads) 2 years old
  27. Thank you oksipak! I love the photo of "Merry Christmas!" You are eating kimchi for snack now. : )

  28. It's Thursday, December 29, 2011, and only a few days before the new year! So what do I do? I tried making dakbokkeumtang ( and boy was it delicious. It's been raining cats-and-dogs here and comfort food like this recipe was much needed. I refrained from making a pig of myself by eating the entire pot in one sitting! By the way, I only made 1/2 the batch, for 2 servings, so if I ate that it wouldn't have been that bad. Right?

    This will most likely be my last Korean recipe I try before the New Year 2012 arrives and what a way to end 2011. See you all in the new year to try some more new recipes from Maangchi. :D


    1. 2011_Dec_29_Dakbokkeumtang_Spicy_Brais.jpg (3637.6 KB, 321 downloads) 2 years old
  29. Hi oksipak! I was just thinking of you because I watched the mandu video. I'm going to either make mandu or jjimbbang mandu during my vacation from work. I'm also reminded by your post that I've been wanting to make bulgogi stew. I've been watching the Kimchi Chronicles (got the DVD for Christmas) and it was featured on there. And I think on Jamie Frater's food fan page he said it was one of his best dishes, so I've been wanting to try it since then.

    All of your food looks fantastic. I just ate a big dinner, but it still is making my mouth water. I love chocolate cake like the one you made. I don't think I've actually ever made a cake like that. I should put that on my list too. The mac and cheese with chili sounds awesome and I'm not usually that into mac and cheese.

    I definitely have gained a lot of confidence in my cooking skills over the past year. I know what you mean about "making Korean food without hesitation" I didn't make Korean food for a long time after my husband thought I couldn't even make ramen noodles well after an unfortunate overcooked ramen noodle incident, but I'm so glad that I finally gave it a real go. I still need to use a recipe for most of what I make, but I've even gotten to a point where I can make many simple panchan/ side dish recipes from memory.

    We've also been enjoying some delicious Korean food lately. We had braised chicken with vegetables last week and tonight we had kongnamulbap (soybean sprouts bibimbap). My hubby has taken over with the kimchi making for the most part, which has been nice. I have been making yogurt, homemade bread, and soymilk so we won't have to buy any of those anymore and so we can eat less processed stuff. I also make tofu quite a bit.

    I've lost 25 pounds now, but I am stuck. One of my New Year's Resolutions is to keep the house stocked with side dishes so I can eat Korean food more often. I've been eating so much salad lately and I'm tired of it. It was o.k. for a while, but especially as the weather has gotten cold, I need something heartier and warmer and Korean food is it for me. Satisfying and healthy.

    Happy New Year! Hope that you and your family will have good health and find happiness in all your endeavors this year. And I hope to keep up our online friendship. It's been great reading your inspirational posts. I'll try to post more pictures of my food in 2012. How's that for a resolution? :)

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