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“New York Chuseok Festival, Sept 26-27 2009”

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  1. It took me some digging to find this online in English, so I thought I would pass this on:

    The 27th Korean Harvest & Folklore Festival
    When: September 26th (Sat.) & 27st(Sun.), 2009
    Where: Citi Field, Queens, New York City

    "The Korean Produce Association proudly presents its Annual Harvest Festival, which has established itself the largest Korean-American cultural event in the United States by attracting a crowd of over 150,000 every year for two days with a variety of rich and colorful programs."

    (via Korean Produce Association's Sponsorship Media Kit for the event.

    AllKPop is reporting performances by Brown Eyed Girls, Yang Hye Sung, Leessang, Wax, Im Ju Ri, Jo Seong Ja but I can't seem to confirm that anywhere.

  2. do we need to pay to get in or is it free?

  3. I'm pretty sure it's free.

    They're expecting 200,000 people, it'll be packed!

  4. Thank you stanford for the good information!
    I just talked to a person to confirm the festival. Yes, she says, the festival event will take place for 2 days Saturday Sep.26 and Sunday Sep.27. On both days the events start at noon, so don't go too early. The lady I talked to says she will upload the detailed schedule. oh, also she says, you will be able to buy Korean food from many Korean food booths. I may visit there if my schedule fits. Enjoy the festival even if I can't make it.

  5. Hello all!
    I am THE LADY who Maangchi talked to. :)

    Yes, it's gonna take place for two days(Sep 26~Sep 27) at Citi Field Parking Area and will start at noon on both of the days.

    There will be a bunch of Korean Food booths which provide Korean traditional food, snacks and more.

    And the good thing is there is no entrance fee. Yeah~

    Well I guess that's what Maangchi gave so far.
    But I have more to talk about, but gotta go right now.
    I will continue tomorrow morning~
    Hope to see you all at the festival!

    Good day!

  6. Thanks! Yay im looking foward to try the diff krn foods:D!

  7. Does anyone know if you can bring your pet to this event? I assume because it's in the parking lot, it would be OK.

  8. Hello, all~

    Sorry for the delay.
    We had a big issue today.
    Because of the security reasons, the city told us, we should change our schedule a bit. Whenever I get the detailed schedule, I will upload it for you guys.

    At the festival, you can have a lot of fun.
    There will be Korean traditional performances, singing contests, beautiful concerts on the stage for both of the event days. And on the field, you can enjoy food and traditional games, sports and so on.

    And SJJN! it is more than okay to bring your lovely pets! :)

    That's all information I have so far.
    Hope you guys enjoy it! :)

  9. hi,
    is the singing contest open to everyone?
    is auditioning required before you can be in it?
    are there any requirements?
    like singing in only Korean??
    what time does the singing contest start?

  10. will there be opportunities to get autographs/pictures with the performers?

  11. Hi all.

    I went out there today. It was great! I would recommend it to anyone who loves Korean food or culture. A couple warnings - very little is in English, although a lot of the people working there speak it. You should be fine, but the stage show is all Korean: the MC's speaking Korean, the songs, the performers. Just roll with it.

    Also: bring cash. There is no ATM out here, and no one accepts credit cards. Bring lots of cash! There's great food out here.

    Here are some photos:
    Take the 7 line out to Shea Stadium. The festival is in the parking lot. You can't miss it!
    Lots and lots of kimchi for sale, all kinds of kimchi. Wonderful!
    Wow! dweji bulgogi!
    Plenty of seafood. I'm not crazy about this stuff myself, but they can hardly keep their hands off it, as you can see from the lady in the background.
    No Korean function would be complete without someone selling socks.
    Traditional Korean music on the stage. This old guy in front couldn't contain himself, he danced through the whole thing.

    There will be more goin on there tomorrow. I doubt I will go again, but if you're in New York, I would heartily recommend you check it out.


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  12. What time exactly will the stage performances start?

  13. its raining on sunday do you think its gonna be postpone to another day?

  14. nvm wat i said before!

  15. Does anyone know where I can find out who won the raffle from the Korean Newspaper?

  16. My mouth was watering looking at the bulgogi! I wish there was a similar festival here in the Midwest. Anyone know when it's scheduled to occur this year? Perhaps I can fly out for the weekend to celebrate Chuseok with some good Korean food.

  17. Hey KalbiQueen, it looks like it's going to be Oct 9 and 10. I posted the details here:

  18. I'd been in their festival before and it so much fun, dunno if for year's festival are already ended coz I talked to some of my Korean classmates they have no news or they even not inform about this. Hope the fun continues.. wanna watch!

  19. I'd been in their festival before and it so much fun, dunno if for year's festival are already ended coz I talked to some of my Korean classmates they have no news or they even not inform about this. Hope the fun continues.. wanna watch! kosher new york

  20. I will do some research about the festival and update here soon.

  21. I found out the details for the 2010 Festival, and posted here:

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