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  1. Since visiting Korea over the summer, I've developed a taste for kimchi and had to learn to make it. After reading through Maangchi's recipe among others, I've come up with my own variation since I couldn't get hold of any pepper flakes at the time. For the paste, mince fresh red chilies (usually 4 per cabbage,) garlic and ginger, then add a good glug of fish sauce. And mix in some chopped spring onions. But now the local China town stocks pepper flakes. I add a few shakes in too. My kimchi is a mix of chunks of napa cabbage and daikon sticks. My dad's interpretation is the same as mine but minus the fish sauce and pepper flakes and it tastes really refreshing! Impressive considering he didn't research and did it by taste.

    I'm curious to know what are your variations?

  2. Interesting! You can share your kimchi recipe with many people.

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