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“Seaweed Salad”

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  • started 3 years ago by erika1990
  1. Hi Maangchi,
    I have recently went to h mart and bought some seaweed salad it was sooo delicious and I wanted to ask you if you know how to make them? There was also something that was sooo delicious it was clear noodles with vegetables I don't know what is called but It smells like they put alot of sesame oil my fav.. :) Drools!! delicious talking about it now I'm craving for them now but unfortunately I live an hour away from hmart..:( I hope you can help me maangchi with these recipes. Thank you!!! :)

  2. The salad recipe can be found here.

    For the cler noodles sounds like Japche, was it this one?

  3. All the recipes here:

  4. The japchae seems to be it but the seaweed salad is not the one that I had it looks like the one in the picture I attached. Thanks Maangchi I hope you can teach me how to make seaweed salad..

  5. Replace the Miyuk with Wakame. Its best if you buy fresh or frozen but if you cant get that dried will work but it does not look as nice.

  6. erika1990
    That looks like sauteed seaplant stems.

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