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    I made some (pre-chopped) kimchi a couple of days ago (Sunday), and left it out to ferment at room temperature in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (it’s been between 10-20 °C here for the past few days).

    Yesterday (Tuesday) I checked the containers. Because of all of the air that had been released, the containers were almost overflowing, so I took some kimchi out from each container, pushed everything down, closed the containers, and then left them to ferment a while longer.

    This morning when I got up, I noticed that in the top layer of kimchi, the red pepper flakes had all turned brown. I’m guessing the red pepper flakes oxidized due to exposure to the air … but I’ve never seen that happen before in all of the other times I’ve made kimchi.

    Has anybody had this happen to them or have any insight? Thanks!



    Maybe your kimchi is too bland? If so, add some salt or fish sauce to your kimchi and keep in the fridge. Check this out please.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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