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“What do you do with a block of ddeok?”

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  • started 4 years ago by Lizara
  1. A Korean coteacher gave me one for his son's hundred-day celebration. It's a block of white ddeok in a plastic bag, was warm when I got it, and otherwise has no distinguishing characteristics. What am I meant to do with this? Can I use it in some recipes, or is there some kind of sauce that goes with it, or...?

  2. Usually, if it's given in a plastic bag warm for a party and is white and fluffy(this is key) then you are supposed to just eat it as it is. It should be a tiny tad sweet and goes well with a cup of tea. If it's getting hard, you can warm it up - possibly steam it for a short while or just microwave after spraying alittle water on it and eat it with some tea. :)

  3. Lizara, haha, your expression about the rice cake "baekseokgi" is nice! "a block of white ddeok" yes, that's right. Koralex90 gave you a good tip.
    Enjoy your stay in Korea!

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