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“what if maangchi will have a hollywood movie about her....”

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  • started 2 years ago by chef Benedict
  1. hey guys... i know maangchi is famous around the world and known for her all korean cooking... what if they make a movie about maangchi... and all about korean food on movie part 1 and gapshida trip on part 2... so what can you say... by the way who is the hollywood celebrity that can portray maangchi... LUCY LIU??? or what...

    on part 1 she will start on cooking korean food filming it then blogging it... and of course people will watch her and follow her about korean cuisine then she will having her a lots of fans...

    on part 2 she will start travelling on 9 countries and 11 cities across the world... leaving NY and going to UK, holland, denmark, australia, NZ, singapore, indonesia, malaysia and philippines... then... she will meet up her fans there... and will be portrayed by the other tv personalities from the other countries too...

  2. this movie will be also an introduction to korean cuisine for everyone... and i hope there will be a movie about her...

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