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“Which part of pork I can use for Jeyookbokum”

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  • started 5 years ago by shan5
  1. Hi, I live in Santa Barbara and am really enjoying your videos.
    I think you are the best korean cook ever !!
    A few days ago, I realized that there is a Korean food which is made by pork called Jeyookbokum.
    I really want to cook it but can't know which part of pork I have to use.

    There's no Korean Market in this area.

    If you know, Could you tell me which part of pork I have to use, and its American name as well, so that I would be able to find it in American markets such as Ralphs, Albertsons, or Costcos.

    Thanks for reading it, and I really hope the Jeyookbokum Recipe to be posted on your website!!

    Thanks BB

  2. shan5,
    I use pork belly(samgyup sal: 삼겹살) part or pork shoulder to make spicy sliced pork dish (jeyukbokkeum). The dish is already included in the list of my upcoming recipes.
    Thank you!

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