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“white kimchi”

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  • started 5 years ago by soko2usa
  1. Hello!

    Despite being Korean, my stomach can't handle spicy foods, but would love to make kimchi. I don't know if just cutting the amount of hot pepper flakes would make a much milder kimchi, but I would like to try making the white kind, which I hear isn't spicy at all.

    Do you have any good white kimchi recipes, Maangchi-ssi?

    Thank you for your videos!


  2. Thank you for your request baek kimchi (white kimchi: non-spicy kimchi). I will post the recipe someday!

  3. I would just like to revive this by saying that I, too, would love to see a recipe for baek kimchi :)

  4. I've also been waiting for a long time for Maangchi to post her recipe for baek kimchi.

  5. Please post your recipe for white kimchi. I usually buy the white kimchi and has learned to enjoy eating white kimchi. It goes well with fried food. Very refreshing to eat during summer.

  6. My white kimchi recipe was just published.

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