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    Can you post a recipe for a winter soup inspired by Haejangguk. i like the flavor of the broth but not the blood and was wondering if you had any ideas of how to make it at home.

    thank you maangchi. =)




    thank you maangchi. your soups are really great.

    i made Gamjatang tonight and was wondering if you had any suggestions for the left over napa cabbage. i don’t think i want to make kimchee and don’t want to waste it. Do you have some suggestion?

    thank you!




    Make some “doenjangguk” with the leftover napa cabbage!

    First blanch the cabbage and drain water, then chop it.

    Put the chopped cabbage into a pot and add some soy bean paste, minced garlic, water, and dried anchovies. Boil it until the anchovy stock tastes good. You can add some chopped green chilly pepper, too.

    I will post the recipe soon.

    Or add it to your stir-fried vegetable side dish.



    thank you so much maangchi! =) i put the cabbage in the doenjangguk and it came out great. planning on trying it in a stir fry tonight. i love your suggestions. thanks again.



    I am desperate to find a good way to make Haejang Guk… It’s cold outside and I have made all your delicious soups and we are trying to find the perfect recipe for HaeJang Guk. Thank you in advanced for considering to post this recipe!!!!



    Hi, Happy New Year!

    “Haejangguk” can be translated as “hangover soup”.

    Many Koreans including me believe kongnamulguk is not only delicious but also good for hangover! : )

    And gamjatang (pork bone soup)

    More hangover soup recipe will be posted in the future.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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