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“Wisdom teeth taken out, Any cold korean soup???”

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  • started 1 year ago by luigi180
  1. Maangchi, Or anyone willing to help,

    I just have taken out my wisdom teeth yesterday and haven't eaten for 26 hours and the orthodontist suggested to start eating soup then soft food. I was wondering if there is any soup/soft food that is healthy and suitable for my recuperation, which is about a week for me. So I thought since summer is approaching, are there any cold Korean soup that I can eat perhaps??? Thanks a lot!

    P.S. An easy recipe could help since I am a high school junior...

  2. ouch! I hope you are still wise even though you lost your wisdom teeth! : )

    How about making pine nut porridge and black sesame seeds porridge?

    Regarding cold soup, I recommend oinaengguk (cold cucumber soup side dish) and gajinaengguk (cold egg plant soup side dish). They are a little salty, so you will have to eat them with rice.
    Or make shikhye (rice drink punch) and keep it in the fridge and enjoy the cold drink until it runs out.

    My recent recipe potato pancake is super easy and delicious.

    I hope you get better soon!

  3. Thank you maangchi!!! Ill make these recipes everyday!

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