A reader who lost 42 kilograms on a Korean diet!

By Maangchi

Hi, everybody, I received an email last year from a man named Chris living in Germany. He said he changed his diet to Korean food and lost lots of kilos! He made his own Korean food following my recipes. I was very surprised but happy!

I encouraged him to tell people about his success and he posted this on the forum. Then I asked him to leave more detailed directions for those having problems with weight control. And he did it!!

I think this is going to be very useful information for a lot of people. I want to share this precious information with more people, so I’m blogging about it here. So if you’re interested in losing weight by eating Korean food, read all about it.

Thanks for telling us about it, Cbris!


  1. Jahyeon86 Minneapolis, mn joined 8/11 & has 2 comments

    I didn’t grow up eating much Korean food b/c I was adopted into a Korean family, but we always had Kim chee and learned how to cook Korean food from going to Korean summer camps growing up. I have really enjoyed cooking my culture’s food and have been back to Korea twice:) I can believe that someone can lose weight on a Korean diet: Kim chee is full of Pro-biotics which is very good for your digestive system and a lot of our dishes contain healthy vegetables, good sources of protein and clean carbs, as long as you keep your salt and sugar on the lesser side, you can have a healthy and delicious diet cooking Korean!

  2. ronaelaine Philippines joined 7/10 & has 1 comment

    Really!!! Wow that’s great, i wonder if i’ll start doing it just like you guys!!! Hope it’ll work on me. More power!!! and Congrats!!!

  3. I’m not that familiar with korean food but this is really positive. I think I have to learn some more about the korean kitchen then..

  4. I love Korean food for this reason…Becuse I lived in Korea for 2 years alls I ate was Korean food and did tons and tons of walking I was able to go from 110 kilo to 88 kilo in 2 years. But since being back in America I got fat again but not that fat. Korean food is the best.

  5. Samantha& has 2 comments

    Omg..this is so much EFFECTIve….
    *thumbs up*
    da han min guk :))
    *congrats for successfully in weight losing.:))

  6. good
    even eating lots of Kor food including Miyok Guk
    Many People are Saying That My skin got Soft ^^

  7. Isaac Ristich& has 4 comments

    I also lost 40Kg on a Korean diet!!! Wow!

    It took me about a year, and it was a combination of a primarily Korean diet, and a lot of exercise that got me to the point I am at now. My girlfriend and I both have huge appetites, and I didn’t want to sacrifice the size of my meals and variety of food – so the Korean diet was perfect for me. The amazing colours, textures, spice, and flavour, and the excellent nutritional balance were part of the reasoning. But my love for Korean food and cooking were what made the whole process fun and easy. In all honesty though, my amazing girlfriend was and is the number one reason for deciding to make the change.

    Thanks to her support and some strong personal motivation to become more healthy – I made the amazing transformation from 120Kg to 82Kg.

    I only found maangchi’s recipes about two months ago, and I credit the blog with inspiring me to experiment beyond the traditional Korean dishes I regularly eat. I’m still sticking to a Korean-based diet though!

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