One of my friends Al is very funny.
I gave him my triangle gimbap (samgak gimbap) a while ago and asked if he had ever tasted it before.
He said, no. So I told him that he should be careful when he opens it and gave him instructions: “number 1 first peel it off, then number 2.. 3..”
He said, “thanks, no problem.”

Then a few days ago, I met him and asked, “how did you like  my samgak gimbap?”

“It was very easy to open it and it was very delicious!”

Easy? I think it would be difficult. So I asked him again: “The seaweed that looks like black paper is not soggy at all and crispy, right?”

And he said, “Seaweed? I thought it was wrapper so I threw it away!” LOL!  Al ate samgak bap instead of samgak gimbap! (samgak means triangle, bap is steamed rice, and kim is seaweed paper)

BTW, The recipe is here


  1. Reinier Rotterdam, The Netherlands joined 2/09 & has 101 comments

    That’s hilarious! He just opened it like a gift :) Reminds me of your ukrainian woman at the pot-luck story.

  2. LuccaQ Buffalo,NY joined 6/10 & has 30 comments

    Cute story! I wonder how he at it? lol

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