Alex is spreading Korean food to the world!

By Maangchi

These days I’m often surprised at my readers’ cooking skill when I see some of the photos of Korean dishes they send. I sometimes feel their dishes look much more beautiful than mine! And I see their improved cooking skill.

A couple of days ago, Alex Lee emailed me some photos of Korean dishes that he has been cooking recently. While I was reading his email, I couldn’t help laughing loudly.


I really wanted to share his dakgangjeong story with all of my blog readers. I emailed him and asked permission, he said: “Feel free to share my story with the members : )”

First this is the dakgangjeong that he took to his party:

This is what he sent!

I made this for a dinner party. I had 40 chicken wings – so I doubled everything in your recipe. It took about 4 hours to fry and make everything.. It was the chicken frying that took long.

It was such a hit at the party!

The only change I made in your recipe is to change the peanuts to honey roasted peanuts! This made it even better!

Everyone loved the sudden hit of flavor from the ginger and the nutty taste of the peanuts with the chicken. Thanks so much!

What I found amazingly funny is, a  girl at the party looked at the chicken and asked, ” isn’t this Maangchi’s recipe?




  1. tsirhcevoli USA joined 3/10 & has 24 comments

    Maangchi, You made me fall in LOVE with Korean food! (Even Korean food I don’t like!) <3 (I will spread the word!) You rule Maangchi!

  2. Dear Maangchi,

    Thanks to your video, I am taking up cooking as my hobby!
    I cooked soon du bu jiggae for my father today following your video, and he tells me that my cooking is better than his! THank you so much!

  3. Maangchi You are my Hero when i comes to Korean food…
    even though i am a new fan i look up to you very much.
    Maangchi I want to start my own cooking show on youtube with some friends and u inspired me to use korean food and even though i love cooking asian food altogether. I am in vo-cooking witch it is a cooking school, and i loved cooking since i was 11!
    You are a Awsome chef and keep cooking Maangchi.

  4. OMG! People even recognize your recipes at parties! That’s so impressive. Even though I mention your name every time I cook Korean for my parents, they haven’t learned it yet, so when I present a dish they say, “Is this from that Korean lady on the internet?”

  5. Reinier Rotterdam, The Netherlands joined 2/09

    Great story, the chicken wings look awesome!
    Yeah! Maangchi is famous!(nearly 4000000 hits now)

  6. haha, awesome XD you’re so famous maangchi!

  7. I SO want to make this recipe! Can the peanuts be replaced with another type of nut, like pecans?

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