Unexpected short meetup in Baltimore

By Maangchi

I happened to meet my blog readers in Baltimore recently.
My friends and I finished dinner at a Korean restaurant and we were walking to the door to leave.  There were some people sitting at a table right next to the door.

When I passed their table, we looked at each other at the same time. One of them just pointed me opening his mouth without saying anything. “uh uh!!!” “Do you know me?” I approached them to check just in case if they are my readers. All of them say, “yah!”  One of them said, “oh man! we were just talking about you! just seeing you here!”

My friends were waiting for me outside the restaurant, so I had to leave them right after we took a photo. One of them, Eugene, gave me his email and I promised to send him the photo I took.

I emailed my interview questions to them and I got the answers. So even though it was short meetup like a flash of lightning, I’m very impressed with the fact that they have been my readers for a long time. All of them look handsome, smart, and open minded!   Don’t you think so?  They are not related to Korean cultures, but all of them love Korean food. See? We met at a Korean restaurant! : )

My message for you guys! “study hard and eat well!”
Thank you very much for answering the interview!

All these 4 are smart Johns Hopkins students!


1. What is your name? :Eugene

2.  What do you study?: Mathematics

3. What is you favorite Korean dish?:
Seafood pancake (haemul pajeon). I like the crispiness
and the  taste of fried green onions, and also the spicy
dipping sauce.


1. What is your name?: Derek

2. What do you study?: Biology.

3. What is your best Korean dish that you can cook?

Eugene answered on behalf of Derek, “Derek looks quiet on the outside but after ‘warming up,’ he is actually very talkative. He enjoys cooking and entertaining people. Once he made the pan-fried tofu using your recipe, and everybody liked it.”


1.What is your name? : Sunny

2. What do you study? : Mathematics

3. Do you enjoy cooking?

Eugene answered on behalf of Sunny, “He is one year younger than the three of us and he seldom cooks at his home, but enjoys eating all kinds of cuisine. Among Korean dishes, he particularly enjoys ddeobokki.


1. What is your name?: Lihan

2 What do you study?: Biology

3. Do you live in the dormitory?:
Eugene answered on behalf of him, “He is my other roommate and he is from Taiwan (Derek, Sunny and I are from Hong Kong). We live in an apartment near campus. Lihan is a Youtube addict (!), which is probably how he discovered your videos in the first place. He is graduating this year and aspires to become a dentist.


Eugene continues to say, “Meanwhile, I have found some pictures of galbijjim and japchae I made during Christmas ’08 at home. I also attached another picture of kalbi, made by Lihan during summer last year.
I hope you’ll like them..!”
japchae (stir-fried glass noodles with vegetables)
Galbijjim made by Eugene
Lihan’s galbijjim
Eugene says, “It was a really nice surprise to bump into you. Lihan has a friend who follow your videos closely and even tried making kimchi using your recipe. I am guessing that he is jealous that we got to meet you! We look forward to more of your awesome videos and recipes!”


  1. tooki Zurich, Switzerland joined 4/10 & has 6 comments

    Where did you guys meet up?

    I moved away from Baltimore a little over a year ago (and really miss it). And I very much miss the Korean food (Jong Kak, Lotte Plaza and H-Mart… yum…)

  2. powerplantop Louisiana joined 6/09 & has 70 comments

    That is cool!

  3. Pure_Hapa Redondo Beach, California joined 8/09 & has 20 comments

    Maangchi you’re so famous now – can’t even go to a Korean restaurant anywhere without meeting fans! What a cute group of students.

  4. Frantasticfood Virginia joined 4/10 & has 2 comments

    I think this is my favorite set of interviews yet. These guys are great and it was fun “meeting” them here.

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