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My new cookbook will go on sale next month. It’s hard to believe that it will finally be here, I’ve actually been working on it for four years, from beginning to end. It was a lot more work than I ever expected, but I’m so excited that you will finally be able to hold it in your hands (or on your Kindle). Some of the best recipes from my website will be in it, but there are a lot of new recipes, too.

So I decided to celebrate this with all of you by making videos of recipes from my cookbook!

The next 4 videos I’m going to upload will feature recipes from my new book. They are super-popular, much-requested recipes that I have never made videos for. Whether you buy my book or not, you can easily use these recipes at home with your friends and family. My long-term plan over the years is to keep making videos from my cookbook recipes, mixed in with totally new recipes. I have tons and tons of recipes to share, and I plan on doing this for a long, long time!

Here’s a preview of my upcoming videos:

Yaksik (Sweetened rice with dried fruits and nuts)

Coming April 20th. Super-delicious sweet rice mixed with dried fruits and nuts, this is flavor packed and full of energy, nutrients, and healthy ingredients. Great as a snack, or even for breakfast!

yaksik (약식)

Oi-muchim (Spicy cucumber salad)

Coming April 30th, this is one of my favorites. A simple and easy recipe that I make all the time, and will be great at any summer BBQ. I made this whenever I had a meetup potluck party during my Gapshida trip in 2011 and everyone loved it.

Bossam (Pork wraps)

Authentic style bossam, boiled and braised with seasonings, has been one of my most-requested recipes and will be online on May 8th. I have a secret ingredient that makes my version irresistible. I guarantee you can never guess what it is! : ) I’ve been waiting for years to show you this recipe and you’re gonna be surprised!

Makgeolli (Korean rice liquor)

I want to say: “Cheers, everybody!” To all of you on my cookbook launch day, so on the day before, May 18th, I’ll upload my makgeolli video. We can toast in the virtual world, at least, with makgeolli! : )



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    I can’t wait to get my hands on that cookbook. Can’t wait for the makgeolli recipe either.


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