On January 27, 2013 I decided to delve into making gochujang. I avoided buying pre-made gochujang from the store (via internet) for many months because I’ve been gathering all the ingredients since Maangchi’s recipe was first posted.

It’s only been a few weeks but the Mini Onggi jars (two) have been getting some sun periodically and I’ve been kind of cheating by tasting it each week. I’m not sure if it’s going to last through the fermentation process before it gets all used up in my cooking. I cut the batch 4x because there wasn’t enough of barley malt powder (my dear husband used most of it brewing homemade beer :P). The final stage photos will be posted when ready…

The recipe is here.


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    It’s been couple days shy of 2 months and my homemade 고추장 Gochujang has gotten tons of TLC (Tender Loving Care). Every so often I’ve cheated in taking some spoonfuls to make various Maangchi’s Korean recipes, but overall there’s an entire Onggi jar leftover that’s been fermenting for about two months. I can’t believe it!

    I’m guessing your readers can guess the difference in Maangchi’s Recipe vs. store-bought Gochujang in my photos. If you are unable, then the Ketchup-looking one is the store-bought. I truly appreciate making homemade Gochujang because of all the ingredients that’s legible to me. The store-bought has lots of names (ingredients) that are too long to pronounce or even foreign to me, although, if it were not for the homemade recipe, of course I’m forced to buy it in the store. :P

    I will continue to make homemade Gochujang if/when I run out. You’re definitely correct, Maangchi, when you say the texture and the flavor can never beat the store-bought. It never does! Thank you so much for sharing. I lOVE this recipe! :D March 23, 2013 Sunday

  2. Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,045 comments

    Looking great!
    I’m so proud of you and your cute onggi! lol
    My homemade gochujang is well fermented now. I always taste it. yum!
    When it ferments nicely, you will see the flavor and texture of homemade gochujang is totally different from store sold gochujang. Cheers! : )

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