oksipak pages

  1. First Korean Recipe Made in 2014 – White Kimchi 백김치

  2. Perilla leaf pickles that I made the kkaennip from our garden!

  3. Homemade Gochujang vs. Store Bought Gochujang

  4. Beginning Stages of Homemade Hot Pepper Paste…can’t wait for the final stage!

  5. First Korean Dish for 2013! Happy New Year!

  6. Kimchi pancake!

  7. Fermenting Kimchi In My Petite Onggi Pot

  8. Very Soothing Korean Soup

  9. Love Kimchi pancake / 김치전 / Kimchijeon (or Kimchi jeon)

  10. Oh So Delicious! Quick and Easy Chicken Dish

  11. Craved for Some Maangchi’s Kimchi and Kaktugi

  12. Spicy fish soup / 매운탕 / Maeuntang

  13. Scrumptious Injeolmi from Maangchi’s Recipe

  14. Delicious White Radish Salad

  15. Emergency Kimchi Maagnchi Style