Vegan Kimchi Jjigae

I didn’t cook this time, because I suffered a concussion the day before (it was so rainy that the ground on the railway station was so slippery and I fell), so I was obliged to rest. My boyfriend took good care of me all the way and cooked for me yesterday. Usually we cook together, but this time he made all the cooking. He made kimchi jjigae for dinner, served with bap and daejak (such lovely green tea!). Since we’re both vegetarians, he made the jjigae completely vegan, using some smoky flavoured tempeh (instead of pork), gimgaru (instead of dried anchovies), some lovely veggie stock and our own home made vegan kimchi. And he added some chopped buchu, which made the flavour even better! This kimchi jjigae was so well balanced. It was spicy, hot, deep, sweet, sour and savory. The dish felt like a warm hug, exactly what one needs during the cold autumn season. And together with some rice and green tea, it’s just perfect! Isn’t it a sign of love, when someone cooks such cosy meals for you?

And for the record, I feel better now and I’m on my way of fully recovering. Maybe thanks to both love and kimchi. :-)

The recipe for Kimchi jjigae is here!

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