Korean bapsang - Braised Tofu & Galbi



I made 두부조림 and LA 갈비 for lunch with a few other side dishes that I bought from my local Korean grocery store. I decided to create my own Korean 밥상 ~ how did I do, Maangchi?

I cooked 두부조림 for my best (Korean) friend and he was so amazed by it that he asked for the recipe!!! Your recipes have made me a star among my Korean friends hahaha :)

Thanks for all your recipes, Maangchi ~ they are AMAZING and I’m going to have so much fun making each and every one of them ^^

The recipe for 두부조림 and LA 갈비 is here!


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    Hi Mark,
    I’m so impressed by your bapsang! Everything looks delicious! Yes, your Korean friends will love this kind of side dishes! Did you make the kimchi? If yes, it looks very well fermented and yummy! If not, it’s time you to start making your own kimchi!

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